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Mistress phoenix frost

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Mistress phoenix frost

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Frost, a few days before Christmas. And after it was over, it was the high of the holiday season. We played mistress naomi two hours in the play space. It was a crispy and sunny San Francisco afternoon.

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I also had a third meeting with Ms. There was a little hiccup with the central heating system but that problem was quickly overcome.

Once I process and decompress from that, I shall venture to express its impact. The commanding presence of her instruction for me to kneel after playing at the St.

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She asked me to open my mouth and both fed me water and spat into my mouth. But when, Ms. Frost, a few days before Christmas.

The delivery of hydration was unexpected and thrilling. I desire to serve and submit to her- seeking likeminded individual I do her proud. The manner in which she did so was powerful.

And after it was over, it was the high of the holiday season. In the past, my sessions were limited to private phoenis play, and followed a totally free sex personals kitchener predictable pattern schedule session, go to the session, post session wrap up a few days later, and when the desire to play again repeat the process.

Mistress phoenix frost – female domination world

I had no reservations discussing with her about our experience in public, nor was I concerned what other restaurant goers on either side of the table heard or thought. Frost brought into the light what was in the dark.

At some point she asked if I wanted to hydrate. Frost yesterday for several hours.

We played for two hours in the play space. A new milestone was reached.

While waiting for Ms. There is so much more that I can say but none would be adequate to provide justice to what I experienced. So much I learned and so much I know I have yet to learn.

What remained constant were her piercing eyes, commanding presence, and seductive voice. Frost to take me into the dungeon, I remember being mistresw by the sounds of sirens from an emergency vehicle going by, the sound of commercial vehicles loading and unloading.

In that evening, Ms. Frost graced me with her presence, all those otherwise distracting noises disappeared.

My mind only desired to heed her demands and to please her - nothing else mattered. It was a crispy and sunny San Francisco afternoon. We had dinner and continued our lively and engaging discussion. What mattered was our discussion, and connecting, irrespective of the sensibilities of others.